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100-year-old given ‘dog parade’, expert addresses TikTok’s unsafe trend

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Pup Parade – More than 200 dogs visited California resident Robert Moore after his daughter spread the news that he was turning 100. Continue reading…

‘Dangerous’ phenomenon – People on TikTok are wiping out wasp nests with “gas in glass” — but there are serious safety concerns. Continue reading…

‘Reclaim the Lake’ A reservoir in Colorado is undergoing a restoration project that will bring back native trout, but kill all other fish. Continue reading…

Estevan Weigel holds a Rio Grande cutthroat trout.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Aquatic Biologist Estevan Weigel holds a male Rio Grande cutthroat trout and shows the trout’s spawning colors. (Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Placed on a ‘PIP’? – Relationship experts sound the alarm on couples implementing “performance improvement plans” as described in a TikTok video. Continue reading…

Dashing dogs – Two corgis racing along a line of treats. Look at the beautiful moment. Watch the video…

A love for America – Here are five reasons why Ayn Rand had a deep love and appreciation for America and its founding principles. Continue reading…

Author and philosopher Ayn Rand

Russian-American author and philosopher Ayn Rand stands with her arms crossed in front of the Grand Central Building in midtown Manhattan, New York City, 1957. (Photo by The New York Times Company/Getty Images)

Family fortune – A mother and son have won big in North Carolina lottery games just a month apart. Continue reading…

Cost-saving tech tips – Summer is hot, but electricity bills are expensive. Kurt “CyberGuy” Knutsson offers tips on how to save money on your electricity bill. Continue reading…

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Crossword distribution

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