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A ‘terrifying’ new weapon in the field of love: would you let a machine take your partner?

New Yorkers revealed whether they would let an artificial intelligence-based program set a date.

“Will I ever do it? If disappointed, but I hope it never gets to this point,” Nick, from New York, told Fox News.

Keeper, a dating website, uses an AI system to match singles by asking them questions about their personality and what they look for in a partner.

Will you let AI be your matchmaker? Watch:

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“I don’t know how much I trust AI,” said Sergio, from New Jersey. “I don’t think people really get it.”

“People are not computers,” he continued. “You can put something on the application, but you can only put so much.”

But others were eager to try the AI ​​dating website.

“AI does all these other things. Matchmaking? Why not?” Another New Yorker, Calvin said.

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Calvin, from New York, said he would let the AI ​​set it. (Isabelle McDonnell/Fox News)

Keeper has two subscription options, a paid version that offers unlimited matches and a free version that can take longer. The site also states that it only shares users’ information with someone they match with.

“I wouldn’t really trust someone who’s not human,” Amira, from New York, told Fox News. “It’s kind of scary.”

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Ethan, from New Jersey, didn’t think AI could replace what he saw as essential factors in meeting eligible singles.

“Being face-to-face and being able to interact with them, and not just the artificial technology setting you up — there’s a lot more,” Ethan told Fox News.

Man sits on park bench and tells Fox News what he thinks about AI dating website.

Ethan, from New Jersey, said he would not use an AI-based dating website. (Isabelle McDonnell/Fox News)

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Nick realized that an AI matchmaker could help people with busy schedules.

“I could see people getting interested in it,” Nick said. “If you don’t have a lot of time, it’s just one less thing to think about.”

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