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A tiny kitten discovered in a heat wave is looking for a home in Arizona.

A six-week-old tabby kitten who lived under a carport at an abandoned house during a heat wave will be up for adoption in late July.

Diego, an “extremely playful” kitten, was discovered with his littermate during a 110-degree day in Tempe, Arizona, his foster mom, Kaylen Shafer, told Fox News Digital.

During his foster days, he’s been living with Shaffer’s other cat, three-year-old Ollie.

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He said that both are getting along very well.

Diego is also great with dogs and children, she noted.

And despite a rough and dangerous start to Diego’s young life, a doctor has deemed him “perfectly healthy.”

Diego was discovered under the carport of an abandoned house in Tempe, Arizona during a heat wave, his foster mother told Fox News Digital. (Kelan Shaffer)

Schaefer said he will be available for adoption in late July, once his nutrition and vaccinations are done.

Anyone interested in adopting Diego can email [email protected], he said.

Best Friends Animal Society told Fox News Digital that while Diego was lucky to survive the extreme temperatures before his discovery, heat waves can be deadly for dogs and cats.

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“Heat stroke can occur when an animal’s temperature rises dangerously high,” said Dr. Erin Kitreb, medical director of Best Friends Animal Society, in a statement provided to Fox News Digital.

“The normal body temperature for dogs and cats is between 100 and 102.5 degrees. When a dog’s temperature rises to 108 degrees or 106 degrees for a cat, their organs can be irreparably damaged., Or worse,” he said.

Little tabby kitten sticking out its tongue.

Diego is “super playful” and gets along great with cats, dogs and people. (Kelan Shaffer)

Some signs of heat stroke are “heavy panting that doesn’t resolve when the pet rests, increased discomfort, tongue color from dark red to almost purple, weakness or collapse, excessive salivation, vomiting and labored breathing,” Catrebi said.

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If an animal is suspected of having heatstroke, it should be moved to a cool place “immediately.” Cold water should be poured over their stomach, ears and footpads in an attempt to lower their body temperature.

They should then be brought to a veterinarian as soon as possible, she said.

Kittens in a blanket

Tiny Diego was lucky to survive the temperatures that could easily kill cats and dogs. (Kelan Shaffer)

To avoid heatstroke, Katrib recommends taking dogs for walks in the early morning or early evening, she says, adding that pets should be kept indoors most of the time during the hottest parts of the day.

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Additionally, dogs with thin coats or bald spots may need the same sunscreen as humans, Best Friends Animal Society said.

Pets should have access to shade at all times when they’re outside in the heat, she said, adding that “dogs on a tether are especially vulnerable because they can get tangled out of reach of shade or water.”


Best Friends Animal Society told Fox News Digital that dogs with snub noses, like Winston, the French bulldog pictured above, are at a higher risk of heat stroke. ((Photo by: Bill McKay/NBC via Getty Images))

Also, all water given to pets on hot days should be cold.

“Most dogs won’t drink hot water, no matter how thirsty they are,” Best Friends Animal Society told Fox News Digital.

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Pet owners should never leave an animal in a car if the temperature is above 70 degrees, the organization said.

“Dogs and cats don’t sweat like humans, so they pant to lower their body temperature. If they’re inside a car, recycling hot air, panting doesn’t provide relief, and heatstroke can happen quickly,” the group also noted.

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Source by [Fox News]



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