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August features 2 supermoons including a blue moon: What to know

August has featured two supermoons this year, including a blue moon.

NASA says the full Sturgeon Moon rises in the east just 30 minutes after sunset on the first day of the month.

According to The Farmer’s Almanac, it will peak at 2:32 pm ET.

It is named after the sturgeon moon for the time of year when large fish were abundant in the Great Lakes. This moon was also called Green Corn Moon.

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The supermoon, known as the Sturgeon Full Moon, rises in the sky next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris on August 10, 2022. (Photo by Adnan Farzat/Noor Photo via Getty Images)

By August 16, the moon will have passed through the crescent phase.

The August 30th moon is blue, referring to the second full moon in any given month.

The blue sturgeon moon will peak at 9:36 pm ET and will be the largest moon of the year, according to The Almanac.

Sturgeon Moon

The Sturgeon full moon rises over Eindhoven in the Netherlands on August 11, 2022. (Photo by Nicholas Economo/Noor Photo via Getty Images)

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Since it takes 29.5 days to complete the cycle from full to new and full again, most months will only see one. However, occasionally, there will be two in a month.

Full moon in Italy

A sturgeon supermoon rises behind the dome of San Bernardino Church in L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy on August 12, 2022. (Photo by Lorenzo De Cola/Noor Photo via Getty Images)

This is the reason for the phrase: “Once in a blue moon.”

We see a blue moon on average every three years, with the next set in May 2026.

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A supermoon occurs when the moon’s orbit is closest to Earth at the same time as the full moon.

Source by [Fox News]



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