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Baby monitor hackers sell nude photos of babies on social media: report

Hackers are reportedly accessing Hikvision cameras through the company’s mobile app and have used the feeds to sell child pornography on social media.

An investigation by IPVM, a surveillance industry trade publication, revealed that some hackers were using the company’s Hik-Connect app to distribute child pornography on Telegram, the publication reported last week.

The investigation found several offers for sale of nude videos on the platform, some labeled “cp” (child porn), “kids room,” “family room,” “a teenage girl’s bedroom” and “gynecological office.”

Hackers targeted Fort Worth’s cyber systems at the Texas Alumni Surgery stand, city officials say.

The hackers used the Hik-Connect app to distribute content from the hacked cameras. (iStock)

According to the report, the images were commonly shared with other users by sharing a QR code that enables device sharing and streaming of cameras on the Hik-Connect app.

The photos and videos were being shared or sold on at least seven Telegram channels, each with hundreds to more than 7,000 subscribers, prompting an investigation by the Dubai-based platform that led to the channels being shut down.

Within the channels, IPVM discovered offers for both children and adults to watch nudes, with one channel offering access to hacked cameras for $3 to $6.

Image of hacker with binary code and question mark.

Hikvision cameras were hacked and images of the cameras were sold online. (Cyber ​​Guy)

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Some of the offers include cameras labeled “Family home, once a young daughter,” “Family, a young girl’s bedroom,” “Big house, young family, beautiful mother, closet,” “Big family, cameras around the house, parents, brothers and sisters’ rooms,” “Two sisters’ rooms,” “2 cameras in an Asian girl’s room,” “Women’s ward housing section,” “Women’s housing office,” “Big house, family, young beautiful mother, closet.” were included. “Cosmetic Procedure,” “Beauty Salon,” “Men’s Locker Room at Gym,” “Women’s Locker Room at Fitness Center” and “VIP Booth at Strip Club.”

According to IPVM, the publication “immediately contacted” the FBI when it learned of its investigation into the hack that involved child pornography while Hackvision accused the shop of trying to “harm our business.”

An FBI agent uses a gun in action.

According to IPVM, the publication “immediately contacted” the FBI when it learned of an investigation into hacks involving child pornography. (iStock)

“It is appalling and irresponsible that any organization would choose to put its own goals above the protection of children. Hikvision knows nothing about these potential crimes. IPVM’s email company is the first it has heard of anything like this,” the company said in a statement when IPVM reached out for comment. “IPVM’s self-serving decision to seek our comment before alerting the authorities is highly questionable and, in this case, shameful. But if any part of IPVM’s reporting is true, Hikvision will enthusiastically support law enforcement in bringing these child predators to justice. We can only hope that IPVM’s inaction does not lead to justice for the perpetrators.”

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Hikvision said in a statement to Fox News Digital that it “received an email from IPVM alleging that criminals used its cameras to record irresponsible content. Our lawyers immediately reported the allegations to the US Department of Justice, multiple FBI offices and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.”

“We’re doing everything we can to help. Additionally, we regularly upgrade our software as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the most secure, reliable products and to detect and address any potential vulnerabilities.”

Source by [Fox News]



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