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Convicted con artist Anna Sorokin releases single while under house arrest.

“Fake Heiress” Anna Sorokin, the convicted con artist and con artist who fooled New York’s social elite, released a country song on Friday.

Sorokin, aka Anna Delevingne, teamed up with TikTok songwriter Brooke Butler and the band AudioChatto for the song while under house arrest in Manhattan. Titled “What the Hell,” it will be featured as the intro and theme song for Sorokin’s podcast, “The Anna Delve Show,” according to Deadline.

The nearly two-and-a-half-minute track features Sorokin’s vocals that he recorded from a phone call he made while incarcerated on Riker Island. She can be heard saying, “My name is Anna Delvey.”

AudioUP CEO Jared Gutsted co-wrote the song with Butler and country songwriter Scarlett Burke. Gutstadt told NBC News that Sorokin “curated” the songs by listening to the demos he sent him and decided which would become the “brand” for his podcast.

‘Fake Heiress’ Anna Sorokin is speaking out about her fight against deportation after being released from ice detention

Anna Sorokin, known as Anna Dalloway, is seen in a courtroom during her trial in New York State Supreme Court on April 11, 2019. (Timothy A. Cleary/AFP via Getty Images)

“The songs are songs, I’ve written a lot of them,” Gustedt told NBC News. “But without that kind of brand where people can jump to it, you’re up against millions of new songs every year on Spotify.”

He said the new track would get radio airplay, thanks to Sorokin’s notoriety, which was boosted by Neftlix’s limited series “Inventing Anna.” The series dramatized his infiltration of New York society by pretending to be a wealthy heiress, detailing how he robbed major financial institutions, banks, hotels and individuals of a total of $275,000.

Notorious fraudster Anna Sorokin was released from Ice custody

Close-up of Anna Sorokin leaving her NYC apartment completely empty and wearing her ankle monitor.

Anna Delvey leaves her New York City apartment in the East Village for a possible court date on October 11, 2022. (splash/

“Usually you have to work really hard on radio to get there,” Gutstadt said. “I think his name captures some people’s imagination and attention.”

The “Anna Dilvey Show” podcast is distributed by AudioUp with producer Sean Glass.

Notorious con woman Anna ‘Delevee’ Sorokin makes a new bid for freedom

Anna Sorokin waves out the window of a brick building in a black top and glasses.

Anna Sorokin waves from a window in New York City on Sunday, October 10, 2022. (Credit: Dario Alcuin for Fox News Digital)

“This is the first time people are hearing from him directly, so he can actually have a voice,” Glass told NBC News.

Sorokin was named Anna Delvy because she spent many years as the daughter of a rich man. German diplomat. He boasted a fake fortune of €60 million and was spotted on the New York City social scene before his scheme was foiled.

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She was convicted in 2019 of theft of services and theft charges, though she plans to appeal. He was released in early 2021 after serving just three years of his four-to-12-year sentence, but was taken into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement just weeks later.

Sorokin was released from jail in October on $10,000 bail and the conditions of his release require him to live under 24-hour house arrest with electronic monitoring and access to social media.

Fox News’ Stephanie Pagonis and Rebecca Rosenberg contributed to this report.

Source by [Fox News]



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