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Democratic Congressman Hunter Biden appeared to confirm talks with the president on business deals.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Dan Goldman, R-NY, appeared to accidentally reveal Wednesday that President Biden had discussed Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals with him during a hearing in which two IRS whistleblowers testified before the House Oversight Committee.

Goldman pressed IRS Supervisor Gary Shapley, who previously blew the whistle on alleged political influence on prosecutorial decisions during a federal investigation into the president’s son, about whether the president had anything to do with his son’s business affairs.

“Hunter told his father, according to (Biden family business associate) Rob Walker, ‘Maybe I’m trying to start a company or try to do something with these guys,'” Goldman said. “Now let me ask you something. It doesn’t sound like Joe Biden was involved in what Hunter Biden was doing with (Chinese oil and natural gas company) CEFC. If Hunter Biden is telling him he’s trying to do business with them, is that the case?”

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IRS Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley, left, and Joseph Ziegler, an IRS agent with the Criminal Investigation Division, take their seats at a House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing with IRS whistleblowers. (AP)

Shapley agreed but noted that it appeared the younger Biden told his father he was talking to the president about his business.

“It’s true, Hunter Biden tries to do business,” Goldman interjected. “This is correct.”

Goldman asserted that Shapley has no “direct evidence” linking President Biden to any of his son’s business deals, and that he in fact has evidence that he was not involved.

Moments earlier he referred to messages on WhatsApp that said President Biden only sat with his son and never discussed business matters.

Another IRS employee, Special Agent Joseph Ziegler, whose identity was revealed during the hearing, testified before the committee that the president’s youngest son received more than $17 million from business deals in China, Ukraine and Romania, which began when his father was vSnow president.

Hunter Biden gets off the plane with the president.

President Biden scoffed at reporters who asked him and his son Hunter Biden about alleged corruption. Two IRS employees testified before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday about the years-long investigation into the younger Biden’s business dealings. (AP Photo/Patrick Simansky)

The deals included multimillion-dollar payments to companies linked to the Biden family from 2014 to 2019, including $7.3 million from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

“That brings the total amount of foreign income streams received to about $17 million, correct?” Comer asked Ziegler.

“That’s right,” Ziegler replied.

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Zeller and Shapley alleged that Justice Department officials, The FBI and the IRS intervened. In an investigation into Hunter Biden, he said the actions were political. encouragement

Fox News’ Jessica Chasmar and Peter Kaspirowicz contributed to this report.

Source by [Fox News]



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