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‘Deplorable choice of words’: EU backtracks on calling Falklands Argentina – PM | Politics News

Rishi Sink has criticized the EU for its “deplorable choice of words” after ratifying Argentina’s name for the Falkland Islands.

The prime minister’s official spokesman said he believed it was “completely unacceptable for the EU to question the right of the Falkland Islands to decide their own future”.

A diplomatic row threatened to erupt after the European Union named the disputed territory as Islas Malonas in a joint declaration at a recent summit.

The declaration – agreed earlier this week by the EU and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) – read: “Regarding the question of sovereignty over the Islas Malvinas/Falkland Islands, the European Union notes the historic position of CELAC based on the importance of dialogue and respect for the peaceful resolution of international law to conflicts.”

A spokesman for Mr Sink said the EU had now “made it clear that its position on the Falklands has not changed”.

“Clearly, the Falkland Islands are British, it was the choice of the islanders themselves,” he said.

“The EU has now rightly made clear that their position on the Falklands has not changed following their regrettable choice of words.

“And just as a reminder, in the 2013 referendum, 99.8% of Islanders voted to remain part of the UK family. This is a position supported by international law and the UN Charter, which is binding on all UN members.

“And we will continue to defend the Falklands’ right to self-determination in all international forums and call on the EU to respect the democratic rights of the Falkland Islands.”

He added: “The concern is that EU states will recognize Argentina’s claims to the Falklands, which they have now clarified, are false.”

Source by [Sky News]



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