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‘Diehard’ secrets: Why Arnold Schwarzenegger said Bruce Willis would never be an action star

“Die Hard” celebrated its 35th anniversary this month. Since its release, many behind-the-scenes secrets about the film have surfaced over the years.

The 1998 action film helped boost Bruce Willis’ career, but the 68-year-old actor was reportedly the final choice to star.

After the actor decided to venture into Schwarzenegger’s action film territory, Arnold Schwarzenegger gave Willis some advice.

And an off-camera joke Willis cracked eventually made it into the final cut of the film and is now considered one of the most iconic lines in ’80s film.

Bruce Willis rose to fame with his role in “Die Hard”. (Getty Images)

On this day in history, July 15, 1988, ‘Die Hard’ hit theaters, marking the first time in the franchise.

Directed by John McTiernan, “Die Hard” stars Willis as John McClain, an NYPD officer who unexpectedly finds himself fighting after his estranged wife, Holly Gennaro McClain (Bonnie Bedelia), and her co-workers are taken hostage by a band of terrorists. Craper Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Eve.

Willis’ wife Emma Heming recently shared on Instagram how “proud” she is of her husband’s role in the film.

“Back in 2018 (when these videos and pictures were taken) we took Mabel and Evelyn to the Fox lot to look through the archives as well as their dad’s larger-than-life mural,” Hemming began his caption.

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“The mural was unveiled to Bruce in 2013 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Die Hard. Today is the 35th anniversary of Die Hard hitting screens and the rest is history. We could never be more proud of what Bruce has been able to achieve in his career.”

Hemming’s post included videos of his two youngest daughters, Mabel, 10, and Evelyn, 8, holding their father’s hand as they walked through the FOX lot, looking through the “Die Hard” archives.

Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Hemingway at a roast of Bruce Willis

Willis’ wife Emma Heming recently shared on Instagram how “proud” she is of her husband’s role in the film. (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

In celebration of “Die Hard” turning 35, here’s a look at a few secrets about the movie.

Schwarzenegger said that Willis would not make it into action films.

According to a new book, “The Last Action Heroes: The Triumphs, Flops, and Feuds of Hollywood’s Kings of Carnage,” Schwarzenegger passed on the role of John McClane but had some things to say to Willis after Willis was cast.

Bruce Willis’ ‘Die Hard’ turns 35: How the Christmas movie debate first started

In his book, author Nick DeCemline wrote that the former California governor saw Willis out to dinner in Santa Monica shortly after the film opened. Schwarzenegger was already dining at the Ivy by the Shore when Willis entered the upscale eatery and sat down at a table on the other side of the restaurant.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis

Arnold Schwarzenegger told Bruce Willis he wouldn’t be an action movie star because of his “toothpick arms.” (Cyprus)

“Know why you’ll never be an action star?” According to DeSemlin, Schwarzenegger shouted to Willis across the room, loud enough for everyone in the restaurant to hear.

“No, Arnold, why?” Willis replied.

Schwarzenegger then flexed his biceps, pointed to his arm and announced in his thick Austrian accent, “Toothpick arm.”

“Die Hard” It became the highest-grossing action film of 1988 and marked the beginning of Willis’ long, successful career in show business.

Willis suffers from ‘partial hearing loss’ due to an on-set accident.

After the film’s success, Willis did an interview with Oprah Winfrey and shared that he liked to do many of his own stunts, which was a downfall.

“This part was harder than anything I’ve done for a lot of reasons,” Willis said.

Bonnie Bedelia and Bruce Willis in Die Hard

In a scene from “Die Hard,” Bonnie Bedelia is held by Bruce Willis. (Getty Images)

“If you saw the movie, they really beat me up in that thing. It’s a very physical part. I did a lot of my own stunts in it.”

In 2007, Willis told The Guardian that because he enjoyed the dangerous scenes in “Diehard”, he has partial hearing loss.

“Due to an accident on the first ‘Die Hard,’ I partially lost two-thirds of my hearing in my left ear and I was like, ‘Whoa?’ I tend to say.” Willis said at the time.

Willis shot a gun near his ear during a scene in “Die Hard,” causing partial hearing loss, his daughter Romer later revealed in an interview with the Toronto Sun.

John McClain almost went to Frank Sinatra.

John McClane, the main character in “Die Hard” looked almost completely different.

According to Business Insider, the film was based on the book “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Roderick Thorpe. The book is a sequel to Thorpe’s novel “The Detective”, which was made into a 1968 film of the same name.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra reportedly almost had the lead role in “Die Hard.” (Warner Bros./Getty Images)

Sinatra played the lead role of Detective Joe Leyland in the film.

The outlet reported that because “Die Hard” was a sequel, the production team was “contractually bound” to cast Sinatra in the lead role.

He was 73 years old at the time of the offer and turned down the opportunity, the outlet reported.

The outlet also reported that Schwarzenegger was next in line to receive the offer. The “Terminator” star turned down the opportunity β€” along with several other Hollywood stars β€” leading Willis straight into the lead role.

The late Alan Rickman hated guns.

Alan Rickman’s first film role was in “Die Hard” and he was not fond of the idea of ​​an action movie.

“I read it, and I said, ‘What’s the point? I’m not doing an action movie,'” Rickman said in 2015, according to The Hollywood Reporter . “Agents and people said, ‘Alan, you don’t understand, it doesn’t happen. You’ve only been in L.A. for two days, and you’ve been asked to do this movie.’

Alan Rickman

The late Alan Rickman was hesitant about starring in an action film. (Mike Marsland)

At the time, the “Harry Potter” actor admitted he was scared of scenes that required his character, Hans Gruber, to shoot a gun.

“If you look closely, you’ll see me blink,” he said at the time. “It’s surprising how thrilling it is to shoot a machine gun, which I discovered.”

Rickman, who shot to international fame after starring as Professor Severus Snape in the “Harry Potter” franchise, died in 2016 after a battle with cancer.

Willis received $5 million for the role

In the ’80s, casting “Die Hard” seemed impossible, with Hollywood heavy hitters like Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Richard Gere and others playing NYPD Det. McClain.

‘Die Hard’ Star Bruce Willis Almost Dies During First Day of Filming: The Book

Willis wasn’t the team’s first, or even second or third choice for the role. Willis’ agent, Arnold Rifkin, took full advantage of the opportunity, according to author DeSemilian, and raised the actor’s cost to $5 million.

“All the possible action people turned him down,” said producer Larry Gordon, per De Semalin. “We had a good script, but we couldn’t get anyone to play John McClane.”

Die Hard movie poster

Bruce Willis received $5 million for the role. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Rifkin was aware of the trouble the “Diehard” team was going through and told Gordon, “Take it or leave it. If you don’t close the deal by Friday, he’s going to Japan to do some advertising.”

Demi Moore, Emma Heming and five daughters join Bruce Willis for first birthday since dementia diagnosis

Willis was initially like the others and pursued the role because of his association with the TV hit “Moonlighting.” Her co-star, Sybil Shepherd, announced her pregnancy shortly after landing the role, giving her 11 weeks of availability.

“Moonlighting” creator Glenn Gordon Caron said of Willis when casting, “He’s going to laugh you off the screen.” “It’s a Schwarzenegger movie.”

Willis eventually locked in a $5 million deal, an unheard-of salary for an actor early in his career in the late ’80s, according to DeSemlin’s book.

Demi Moore and Willis tied the knot three weeks after filming.

At the start of “Diehards” production, Moore and Willis were feeling out of sorts.

Four months into their relationship, the couple married in 1987 at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas.

Bruce Willis and his ex-wife

Bruce and Demi Moore were married for 12 years before separating in 2000. (George Rose via Getty Images)

“We were walking to the gambling table when Bruce said, ‘I think we should get married.’ We were joking about it on the flight there, but suddenly it didn’t seem like he was joking,” Moore wrote, according to People magazine.

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The following month, the couple had a wedding in front of family and friends with musician Little Richard officiating.

Willis and Moore remained close after their divorce in 2000.

Willis’ famous ‘Yippee-ki-Yay’ line was not planned.

Perhaps the most famous line from “Die Hard” began as a joke Willis made on the set of the film.

Bruce Willis is all smiles on the red carpet wearing a black suit, white button down and blue patterned tie

Bruce Willis’ famous line in “Die Hard” started as a joke. (Tolga Akmen/AFP)

In a 2013 interview with Ryan Seacrest, Willis admitted that he was merely joking with crew members when he said, “Yip-ki-ya, mother—–!”

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“It was a throwaway,” Willis said at the time. “I was just trying to crush the crew, and I never thought it would be allowed to be in the movie.”

Willis’ role as Officer McClane in “Die Hard” catapulted him to superstardom in 1988 and inspired numerous sequels. Since then, his four-decade career has generated more than $5 billion in worldwide box office sales.

Willis has largely stayed out of the spotlight since it was revealed in March 2022. Retired from acting Because of the aphasia diagnosis. He has since been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

Source by [Fox News]



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