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Elon Musk has hinted that he’s going to change Twitter’s bluebird logo as he moves forward with plans for XApp. Science and Tech News

Elon Musk says he may replace Twitter’s bluebird logo by Monday – as he moves ahead with plans to rebrand the social network as X.

In a series of posts on his account, the billionaire said he planned to say “goodbye” to the Twitter brand and “slowly, all the birds.”

The Tesla and SpaceX boss also shared a photo with his hands making an X sign and a short promotional video of the glowing X logo.

It will be his most significant change to the social media site since Mr. Musk. It bought the platform for $44bn (£38bn) in October last year..

Musk entered Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco and a sink was held before he was taken over.

But the switch came from a longtime entrepreneur, who pushed his plans Launching “X, the everything app” even before buying Twitter.

The idea is to combine messaging, social media, payments and lack of reliance on ad revenue into one super app similar to the Chinese WeChat.

Teasing the launch of X in a series of posts on Twitter, he wrote: “And soon we’ll say goodbye to the Twitter brand and slowly all the birds.

“If enough good X logos are posted tonight, we’ll go live worldwide tomorrow.”

He then shared a photo of a black-and-white version of Twitter’s bird logo – once dubbed the “Larry T. Bird” by Twitter co-founder Buzz Stone – with the comment: “Like this, but X.”

An hour later, Mr. Musk shared a short video of the X logo.

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Mr Musk’s move to change Twitter’s logo to an X comes as Twitter faces competition. Meta’s new app Threads, which was launched earlier this month..

Twitter responded by threatening to sue its rival tech firm. – Facebook and Instagram owners – over alleged copyright violations.

Mr. Musk also recently launched his long-awaited artificial intelligence startup xAI in an attempt to replace ChatGPT.

Source by [Sky News]



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