Friday, September 22, 2023
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German authorities are searching for a suspected tiger around Berlin.

German authorities on Thursday warned people in the southern suburbs of Berlin to beware of a potentially dangerous animal, suspected to be a tigress.

Police in Brandenburg state, which surrounds the capital, issued an early morning “escaped wild animal” warning and told people around Kleinmachno, Telto and Stahnsdorf, just outside Berlin’s city limits, not to leave their homes or bring their pets indoors.

The warning was later extended to areas south of Berlin and an alert was sent on an official warning app that the animal was suspected to be a tigress. A doctor and two hunters were involved in the search for the creature, which included helicopters. Police did not immediately have information on who owned it.

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Police spokesman Daniel Kapp told local public broadcaster RBB that the two men saw a big cat chasing a wild boar, which is common in and around Berlin.

“The two gentlemen recorded a smartphone video, and even experienced police officers had to confirm that it was probably a tigress,” he said, adding that there were varying reports of sightings.

Police patrol during a search for a dangerous wild animal in the southern suburbs of Berlin, Germany, on July 20, 2023. (Sven Kaeuler/TNN/dpa via AP)

Neither the two Berlin zoos nor any of the circuses or animal sanctuaries in the area were missing any lionesses.

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Police increased their presence in the Kilimanjaro area and warned people through loudspeakers of the possible danger, but there were no orders to stay indoors.

Life appeared to be normal Thursday in the town of about 20,000 people, with people walking dogs and riding bicycles, German news agency DPA reported.

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The local council said childcare centers were open, but children were not being allowed in their outdoor courtyards, and the town hall remained open. Market traders in the town were advised not to set up stalls.

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