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Germany arrests 4 for stealing nearly 500 ancient Celtic gold coins

German authorities said Wednesday they have arrested four suspects in the theft of hundreds of ancient gold coins from a museum in Bavaria last year.

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Thieves broke into the Celtic and Roman Museum in Manching and took 483 Celtic coins discovered during an archaeological dig nearby in 1999. These coins date back to around 100 BC.

Four suspects have been arrested in connection with the theft of 483 ancient Celtic coins from a Bavarian museum, according to German authorities. (Frank Mitchler/dpa via AP, file)

Authorities have said cables in the telecommunications hub were cut and local networks knocked out before the theft, and that the thieves were in and out of the museum in nine minutes on November 22 without sounding an alarm.

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Bavaria’s state interior ministry said raids were carried out in the northeastern German region of Schüren on Tuesday and four people were arrested. Didn’t explain it.

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Regional Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said in a statement that the operation was a “remarkable investigative success” and that “professional thieves” had been arrested.

Source by [Fox News]



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