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GOP bill lets Americans sue ‘malicious’ federal workers who conspire to censor social media posts

First on Fox: House Republicans are urging American citizens to file lawsuits against individual federal employees who help regulate censorship of free speech on social media.

The Censorship Accountability Act, being introduced Tuesday by Rep. Dan Bishop, RN.C, would allow executive branch employees to be sued after they direct a social media company to censor or “shadow ban” posts.

“Free speech is a fundamental principle of our nation. Unfortunately, many nefarious actors, particularly federal bureaucrats, are bent on undermining the First Amendment and censoring Americans at every turn,” Bishop told Fox News Digital.

“Current law allows government agents to censor and suppress free speech that is silenced. My bill would change that by finally allowing Americans to sue federal employees who violate their First Amendment rights,” he said. “The censorship industrial complex must no longer be allowed to operate with impunity, and those who seek to end free speech will have to answer in court.”

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Representative Dan Bishop is spearheading new conservative legislation to allow Americans to sue federal employees who censor them on social media.

The bill is co-sponsored by GOP Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Harriet Hageman of Wyoming and others.

“A federal employee who, under color of any law, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage of the United States, subjects, or causes to be exercised, the deprivation of any right, privilege, or immunity granted by the First Amendment to any citizen of the United States or any person within its jurisdiction, shall be subject to an action against another party for injury or right of legal action. Adding to Remedies,” the bill’s text says.

The former president of the ACLU has warned that American self-censorship is killing free speech

Twitter was among the companies most accused of censorship practices during the 2020 election and COVID-19.

Source by [Fox News]



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