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How to block those unwanted and annoying spam emails.

Bombarding your inbox with unwanted emails is annoying and a potential threat to your online safety, as scammers are always on the lookout for unsuspecting victims. However, there are a number of things you can do to thwart those annoying emails and keep them from flooding your inbox, and we’re going to show you how.

Tips and tricks to protect your inbox from this. Spam and fraud

1. Email solutions that hide/change/delete your email address.

Using an email solution that allows you to hide, change or delete your email address can be a game changer. This gives you the power to protect your privacy and reduce the risk of your email falling into the wrong hands. It’s also an easy way to avoid email overload and maintain a clutter-free inbox.

Hide email.

To enable “Hide My Email” if you subscribe to iCloud+ on iPhone and Mac

If you’re an iPhone or Mac user, and you’ve subscribed to iCloud+, Hide My Email is a feature you can use.. It allows you to create unique, random email addresses that are sent to your email account, so you don’t need to fill out forms, sign up for newsletters on the web, or share your real email address when sending emails.

Note: To use Hide My Email, you must have an iCloud+ subscription and a device running iOS 15, iPadOS 15 or macOS Monterey or later.

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Email icon app on iPhone (

How to enable “Hide My Email” if you have subscribed to iCloud+ on iPhone

  • open Setting On your iPhone, tap and your name on top
  • tap iCloud
  • Scroll down, and tap the + under iCloud. hide my email
  • tap + Create a new address. You will need to add one. The label And, if you like, a Note
  • Then tap. next in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Then tap. done

If you forget the Hide My Email you created on your iPhone, you can go back and find it. hide my email section in iCloud+, and there you’ll see the things you’ve created. Just tap. The label You’ve created, and it will show you the date you created it and allow you to select an email address by pressing and holding it, and then. Copy

How to enable “Hide My Email” if you’ve subscribed to iCloud+ using Safari on Mac

  • go to Apple icon in the upper left, and tap it. Then click. System settings
  • tap your name
  • Click iCloud
  • Scroll down, and under iCloud+, tap hide my email
  • tap + plus sign. A pop-up window will appear where you need to add one. The label And, if you like, a Note
  • tap continue. Then click either Copy the address. or done

If you’ve forgotten the Hide My Email you created on your Mac, you can go back and find it. hide my email section in iCloud+, and there you’ll see the things you’ve created. Just tap. The label you created. on the left, and it will show you the date you created it and allow you to copy the email address by clicking on it. Copy the email.

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Use an alias email address to control and understand where spam is coming from.

An alias email address is a different email address that you can use to send and receive messages without revealing your primary email address. It’s like having another name or disguise for your online identity.

One of the benefits of using an alias email address is that you can control and understand where spam is coming from. For example, if you use an alias email address to sign up for a website or service, and then you start receiving spam messages for that alias, you can easily identify the source of the spam, and block or delete the alias.

Free email providers

Some free email providersLike Yahoo, there are different ways to allow you to create a temporary email address. Here are the steps to do this on a computer using Yahoo.

How to Create a Disposable Email Address with Yahoo on Your Computer

  • Log in to your yahoo account, Or create an account on your computer
  • Click on Setting icon in the upper right. Then scroll down and click. More settings
  • Then on the left, click Mailboxes
  • Under the Temporary email addressesclick add
  • You will be prompted to type Permanent nickname, tClick here next
  • You’ll get a prompt to initialize all your temporary email addresses. [your permanent nickname]. Click please confirm.
  • add Keyword At your temporary address
  • add Display name And a Description (Both are optional)
  • Click save it.

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Start Mail on a computer

Start Mail home screen (

Note: You only get 3 free disposable email addresses with a basic Yahoo account.

Sending email with Yahoo Disposable Email on your computer

  • Click writing
  • Click on Downward The carrot icon next to your email address
  • select Disposable email address You may want to use

Private and secure email

If you want to use private and secure email.Our #1 choice will allow you to create and manage unlimited alias email addresses. (You can also use a fake name.)

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Create a throwaway email

  • Temporary mailAutomatically generates a temporary, anonymous and free email address that self-destructs after several minutes.
  • Gorilla mailCreates a temporary disposable email and refreshes every 10 seconds to check your inbox.
  • Burner MailIt can be installed on both Google Chrome and Firefox. It creates a unique, anonymous email address for each service you sign up with. This makes it more difficult for companies to track your data.
  • A 10-minute mileAs the name suggests, this website generates an email address that you can use for up to 10 minutes. Ideally, in this timeframe, you can receive a confirmation email and activate the account without giving them access to your real information.

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Email to mobile phone.

Sending email from your phone. (

2. Mark emails as spam.

Every email comes with a Spam or Junk option, allowing you to easily move the email message out of your inbox. The more you mark these emails as spam, the more your email system will learn about the type of email and its sender so that it can route future emails like this directly to your spam folder.

All you have to do is select the email you want to get rid of and look for the spam or junk icon in your email toolbar. The email will automatically be moved to the spam folder, where it will only live for a certain amount of time before being permanently deleted. Here’s how you can do it in Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook.

How to Mark an Email as Spam in Gmail

  • in you Inboxselect Check box To the left of the email
  • At the top of your Gmail, click ! Icon in octagon shape To Report spam. It will then tell you that the email has been marked as spam.

How to Mark Email as Spam in Yahoo!

  • in you Inboxselect Check box To the left of the questionable email
  • On Toolbar Above your emails, tap Of futul icon (the shield with an X in it). It will ask you to click to confirm. Report as spam.

How to Mark Email as Spam in Outlook

  • select Questionable email
  • Click on Reports icon on the top toolbar
  • Select if you want. Report junk or Report phishing.

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3. Block some senders.

Just as you can block spam phone numbers, you can also block spam email senders. This is a good way to make sure you don’t have to worry about someone you don’t want to send a message to if they sneak into your inbox once. Here’s how to block senders in Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

How to block senders in Gmail

  • Open the message. The email address you want to block.
  • Click on T.hree vertical dots. In the top right corner
  • select Block

How to block spammers on Yahoo!

  • Open the message. The email address you want to block.
  • Click on Three horizontal dots. on your toolbar
  • Click Block senders.

How to Block Senders in Outlook

  • Open the message. The email address you want to block.
  • Click on Three horizontal dots. on your toolbar
  • Click Block

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4. Invest in removal services.

While creating throwaway, disposable, or alias email addresses is a great way to protect your online privacy, it’s not enough to prevent your personal information from being removed from sites that scammers may add to their spam lists.

There are many data broker sites that collect your data and sell it to third parties, and you may not even know about them. Many data broker sites are run by scammers and collect people’s personal information such as email addresses, social security numbers, etc. While no service promises to remove all of your data from the Internet, having a removal service is great if you want to continuously monitor and automate the process of removing your information from hundreds of sites over a long period of time.

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5. Unsubscribe from mailing lists.

You can unsubscribe from email lists you once subscribed to if you are receiving too many emails from a legitimate website and no longer wish to receive them. Many of these sites will make it difficult for you to find the unsubscribe option, because they want to push their emails on you, so you have to look carefully.

You should also unsubscribe from email lists you never signed up for. This will help reduce spam and unwanted messages in your inbox.

The unsubscribe button will usually be right at the bottom of the email message, and there will usually be a hyperlink that goes something like this Unsubscribe or Manage subscriber options.. Click on that hyperlink, and it will take you to the company’s website, and you can unsubscribe from the mailing list there.

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Email to mobile phone.

Send an email to a person’s phone. (

Kurt’s key points

The last thing any of us want is for our email inboxes to be flooded with spam. None of us have time to go through all those messages and see which ones are important and which ones aren’t, so using the techniques described above can do the work for you. Try them yourself, and see how they work.

What more can email providers do to protect you from spam? How frustrating is it to take all these steps to keep your data safe? Let us know by writing to us

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