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Neil Peterson welcomes the team behind a new Sky News podcast to the Daily. Reporter Sahar Zand and producer Heidi Peet investigate Interpol’s red notices for the series “Dirty Work”.

He heard from people caught up in a system that allows police forces to flag their most wanted people at international borders around the world. In some cases, these people are detained, imprisoned and extradited, with disastrous consequences.

He also heard from Interpol’s secretary-general, who said the organization was doing everything it could to protect innocent people from being wrongly targeted.

You can also listen to Sky News’ new podcast Dirty Work: The Misuse of Interpol Red Notices Here.

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Soila Apparicio – Podcast Producer
Annie Joyce – Senior Podcast Producer
Jada Kai Musea John – Podcast Promotion Producer
Paul Steinworth – Editor

Source by [Sky News]



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