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Nigel Farage accused Britain’s Coutts Bank of closing his account on political beliefs. PM Sink replied.

Nigel Farage is making fresh allegations against Coutts, alleging that the private bank closed his account because of his politics.

The former Brexit Party leader posted a video on Twitter on Tuesday saying he had obtained a 40-page document after filing a “subject access request” with Coutts to find out more about the bank’s reasoning for closing his account.

Coutts, a unit of taxpayer-backed bank NatWest Group, previously reported Farage’s accounts had been closed because he had fallen below a financial threshold – which Farage said he was not aware of.

Farage said the document he obtained mentioned “Brexit” 30 times. “Russia” 22 times; “Donald Trump” 14 times; “Racist” nine times.

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Fox News Digital has reached out to Coates for comment, as well as Farage’s spokesperson for a copy of the memo. The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper, said the memo showed Coates had decided Farage’s views were “not compatible” with the bank’s values.

Coutts told media outlets that its decisions to close accounts “are not taken lightly and take into account a number of factors, including commercial viability, reputational concerns, and legal and regulatory requirements.”

Nigel Farage spoke with Fox News Digital about the current and potential political landscape in the UK. (Fox News Digital)

“As previously confirmed by the client, alternative banking arrangements have been offered within the wider group.”

“This issue raises very broad questions about our banks and how deeply politicized they have become,” Farage told Reuters.

“A lot of people in key political roles will be scratching their heads and wondering, ‘Am I next?’ They said.

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Farage has previously said he believes this is because he is considered a “politically exposed person” (PEP), meaning banks have to apply extra scrutiny to accounts.

The government has said it is looking into concerns that banks are holding back customers on their political views and said it has introduced legislation to create rules for “politically exposed person” (PEP).

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British Prime Minister Rishi Singh said it was wrong. “Free speech is the cornerstone of our democracy.”

Reuters contributed to this report.

Source by [Fox News]



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