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Thailand’s PETA is hitting roadblocks as rivals seek to thwart the prime minister’s bid.

Move Forward Party leader and prime ministerial candidate Pita Limjarwinrat (C) sits with fellow party members inside the Thai Parliament.

Lillian Suwanrumpha | AFP | Getty Images


American-educated liberal Peta Lamjarvenerat has an extremely difficult path to the top job, needing the support of more than half of the bicameral parliament and overcoming fierce resistance from the royal army, at odds with her party’s anti-establishment ambitions.

The legislature on Wednesday called for PETA’s second shot at the top job, but his rivals quickly derailed it by questioning the parliamentary rule under which he was nominated by his eight-party coalition.

After an hour-long debate, the Constitutional Court separately announced that Peta had been temporarily suspended as a lawmaker over allegations that he violated election rules by holding shares in a media firm, its second complaint against him in six days.

The suspension does not prevent Peta from running for prime minister, and the 42-year-old told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday that he expected “pre-planned” disruptions, describing the military’s attempts to stop them as a “broken record”.

Thailand has been run by a caretaker administration since March and 65 days have passed since Move Forward’s stunning election victory over military-backed parties on May 14, in what was widely seen as a popular backlash against nine years of general-controlled rule.

“Thailand is not the same after May 14. We are halfway to the people’s victory and there is still half to go,” a smiling Peta told the house as he acknowledged the court’s suspension order, to fist bumps and applause.

Wednesday’s drama was the latest twist in a two-decade struggle for power between elected parties and conservatives, including the military, in Thailand, which has included political sanctions, judicial interventions, two coups and sometimes violent street protests.

Hundreds of PETA supporters gathered peacefully in Bangkok to protest efforts to stop it, some carrying signs condemning the senators for refusing to support them.

A collision course


Source by [CNBC News]



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