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The House will consider a bipartisan bill to crack down on Chinese opioid manufacturers.

The House will consider several pieces of legislation under suspension of the rules early Tuesday, including a bipartisan bill that could crack down on Chinese manufacturers of synthetic opioids.

Rep. Andy Barr, Republican of Kentucky, authored the bill — the “Stop Chinese Fentanyl Act of 2023” — that would impose restrictions on Chinese opioid producers and “opioid precursors” as the fentanyl crisis continues to grow.

Precursor chemicals are used for legal opioid drugs but can be diverted to produce illegal fentanyl and heroin.

China is the source of most of the fentanyl smuggled into the United States. (iStock/Fox News)

Permission slip for cartels: Fentanyl overdoses are on the rise, so what is Congress doing to help?

“The Chinese Communist Party played a prominent role in every step of the fentanyl crisis, from producing precursor chemicals to transferring expertise to laundering the profits of the laundering cartel,” Barr told Fox News Digital Tuesday.

Barr said he expects broad support for the bill on the House floor.

Representative Andy Barr

Representative Andy Barr speaks at a press conference at the U.S. Capitol on January 25, 2023. (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

“The Biden administration has relinquished control of the southern border and I am proud to lead this effort to defend our national security,” he said.

According to the bill, first introduced in May, it updates the definition of “foreign opioid trafficker” in the Fentanyl Restrictions Act to include certain Chinese entities and government officials who do not take steps to stop so-called “opioid trafficking.”

DEA Says Mexican Cartels’ Drug Trafficking ‘Top Priority’

The US has previously called on both Mexico and China to join forces against the crisis.

Fentanyl, which is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, is often manufactured in laboratories by Mexican cartels including shipments from China. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that small amounts of fentanyl can lead to a fatal overdose. What is the warning?With thousands of fentanyl-related deaths reported each year.

Drug picture, gun seized at border

Arizona Border Patrol agents arrested two U.S. citizens on charges of illegal immigration and drug trafficking. (Tucson Sector of the S. Border Patrol)

Barr’s bill aims to “hold Chinese authorities accountable for the proliferation of illegal fentanyl,” according to other members of Congress who are calling for a similar crackdown on China’s role in black market opioid production.

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. proposed an amendment to the much-anticipated military defense bill that would ban China from illegally producing fentanyl.

New opiate war: US’s deadly fentanyl attack could be China’s revenge for ‘century of humiliation’

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Meyerkas also remarked last week that the Chinese Communist government “takes responsibility” for cleaning up fentanyl in the United States.

And the Justice Department in June filed conspiracy charges against three Chinese chemical manufacturing companies suspected of manufacturing and distributing fentanyl in the United States.

Democratic Reps. Chris Pappas, Pat Ryan and Morgan McGarvey are co-sponsoring the bill, along with Republican Reps. Blaine Leutkemeier, Gregory Murphy, Mike Lawler, Beth Van Duven, Anthony D’Esposito and Zach Nunn.

Source by [Fox News]



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