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The No. 1 red flag on a resume, according to a former Google recruiter

Writing a powerful resume can seem like an art form in itself. And while doing so, there are various donuts to keep in mind: Don’t misspell words. Do not go more than two pages. Don’t list vague skills without providing evidence that you’ve acquired them.

For Nolan Church, who has worked in talent acquisition at companies such as Google and is currently the CEO of Talent Marketplace. Continuity, is a big red flag. “The No. 1 thing I don’t want to see on a resume is probably text breaks,” he says, meaning “endless strings of text that have a lot of words but not a lot of content.”

“There’s no way you’re going to get ahead,” he says when he sees one of them. Here’s his advice on making sure your experience is free of endless texts.

People write ‘three to four sentences per bullet’

Church often sees text blocks under specific descriptions of each character.

“When people describe what they’re doing, they often have a hard time being concise,” he says. Under each work title should be a series of single-lined bullets. Instead, people would write “three to four sentences per bullet.”

In today’s world of constant text communication, concise, to-the-point communication is vital. In the office, for example, a lot of communication happens over email and Slack. “If you can’t succinctly describe what you’re doing in your career,” he says, “there’s no way you’ll be able to succinctly write in the workplace.”

‘Tools like ChatGPT are very easy to use’

Source by [CNBC News]



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