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The ‘tioness’ on the loose in Berlin is not what we first thought World news

Officers searching for a lioness on the outskirts of Berlin now believe the mystery animal is actually a wild boar.

Heat detection equipment has been used in the search – but no evidence of a big cat has been found.

The mayor of Kilkenny, Michael Gerbert, has admitted he was “suspicious from the start” that the lion was on the loose.

It comes after that. Children were advised to stay indoors. When the police were looking for the suspected tigress.

The mayor said he found “no sign of any tiger or wild animal except wild boar”.

“It’s like playing the lottery. You can’t keep playing thinking you’re going to win – but no, as it is, there’s no indication that it’s a lion,” he added.

German authorities mocked the lioness over a video of the animal that was spotted.

Although officers reported seeing something this morning – they weren’t too close – and Mr Gerbert believes they may have spotted a wild boar.

“I’ve seen a few big pigs in my time as mayor. And I was surprised at how light this big pig is,” he added.

The mayor stopped short of disclosing how much has been spent on the investigation — and confirmed that the search for the tiger will now be over.

But Sky’s Europe correspondent Siobhan Robbins reports that – if anyone else appears credible – the police will react.

Helicopters, drones and infrared cameras were involved in the investigation, hunters and a doctor were also part of the effort.

The search began with reports that a big cat was chasing a wild boar, and witnesses provided a video.

Nearby zoos, animal sanctuaries and circuses all confirmed they weren’t missing the lioness – and authorities had no reports of anyone nearby on private property.

Unfortunately for the police, not everyone was taking the search seriously – with the youth playing a loud recording of the lion’s roar on a Bluetooth device in the middle of the night.

Source by [Sky News]



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