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Top 11 Hacks to Extend Your MacBook Battery Life

The single most frustrating part of owning any laptop is dealing with a battery that’s running low. For Apple fans, you probably use your MacBook for a lot of things, right? Maybe you work on it, play games on it, take it to watch movies on the go or just browse the web on it. Whatever you do, you don’t want your MacBook battery to die in the middle.

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But don’t worry, I have some good news for you. There are many simple and effective ways to extend the battery life of your MacBook. Here are my top 11 tips to make sure you don’t run out of juice and that your MacBook lasts all day.

Note: The steps below were performed on the latest macOS Ventura version 13.4.1 (c). Settings may vary depending on your operating system.

Top 11 Tips to Extend Your MacBook’s Battery Life

Shutting down your MacBook whenever you’re not using it can help conserve battery life. (

1. Shut down your computer.

Sometimes when we are done using our laptop, it is convenient for us to turn it off without closing the screen completely. However, turning off your MacBook completely overnight, or even for a minute before turning it back on, will help keep your battery and computer healthy. To completely shut down your MacBook:

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How to turn off your computer

  • Click on Apple icon at the top left of your screen
  • Click Shutdown
  • select Shutdown Again, or Wait a minuteand your MacBook will shut down automatically.

2. Adjust your battery settings.

You can optimize charging to help preserve the overall battery life of your MacBook.

How to adjust your battery settings

  • Click on Apple icon at the top left of your screen
  • Click System settings
  • Scroll down and tap Battery left side
  • I Battery health section, click on A small “i” with a circle around it.
  • Make sure Optimized battery charging is on (to reduce battery life, your MacBook learns from your daily charging routine so it can wait until it’s more than 80% charged until you need to use it on battery power)

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3. Adjust the display to turn off more quickly.

You can also turn off the display on your MacBook more quickly, which also saves energy.

How to adjust display to turn off faster

  • Click on Apple icon at the top left of your screen
  • Click System settings
  • Then scroll down and click. To lock the screen left side
  • Click on the pop-up menu next to ““Turn display on battery when inactive” To the right, then Choose an option From Never more than 1 minute..
  • You can also set different times for your MacBook to run through its power adapter“Turn off display on power adapter when inactive” To the right, then Choose an option From Never more than 1 minute..

4. Turn down the brightness.

Your computer screen uses a lot of energy, so dimming your MacBook’s brightness a bit can also help save battery.

How to reduce glare

To reduce the brightness of your MacBook, you have a few options. You can use keyboard shortcuts or system preferences.

  • To use Keyboard shortcutspress the key on the top row of your keyboard with a. sun logo, And Slider or down arrow will appear. Press down, or drag the brightness slider to adjust the brightness of your display depending on your model. You will see a brightness overlay on your screen.
  • To useSystem Preferencesclick on apple menu, and select System settingsclick showsand then drag the brightness slider to adjust the brightness of your display.

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5. Turn on Low Power Mode.

Like your iPhone, your MacBook has a low power mode that you can turn on at any time to save battery while in use. To use Low Power Mode on a MacBook, you need to have macOS Monterey or later installed on your device. This feature is only available for MacBook (early 2016 or later) and MacBook Pro (early 2016 and later) models.

How to Turn on Low Power Mode

  • Click on Apple icon at the top left of your screen
  • tap System settings
  • Scroll down and click. Battery
  • Next to Low Power Mode, click the drop-down menu.
  • You will see options. Never, always, on battery only, or on power adapter only
  • Select if your device is not plugged in. On battery only Mode This mode is designed to optimize the system’s power consumption when running on battery power, which can help extend battery life.

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6. Use the Activity Monitor app to discover apps that are wasting energy.

You can use the Activity Monitor app to see which apps are consuming the most energy on your computer. It shows you which apps are using the most energy over time. This is a great way to measure the battery impact of your apps.

How to use the Activity Monitor app to discover energy-wasting apps

  • To open the Activity Monitor app, go to Finder app (square smiley face) in the dock of your computer screen
  • Scroll down and tap Application
  • Then go to Utilities folder And click on it.
  • At the top, you’ll see Activity Monitor. Go ahead and tap it.
  • In the Activity Monitor window, click . Energy tab To see the energy impact of each app. The higher the number, the more battery power the app will use. You can close any app from here by selecting and clicking. Leave. It will ask you to click to confirm. Leave Again

7. Quit apps.

You should get into the habit of closing your apps completely when you’re not using them. Some apps run in the background and drain your battery. Closing them means more than just clicking the red X icon.

How to close apps completely

  • If you’re in the app, you can click Command + Q to quit… or
  • You can. Right click. On the app open in your dock. From the pop-up menu, click Leave.

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8. Unplug external accessories.

If you have an external drive plugged into your MacBook, or if you’re charging your iPhone with a cable that’s plugged into your MacBook, unplug them all. Charging other devices with your MacBook’s battery will drain it faster.

9. Update your software.

You always want to make sure you have the latest software update at all times. Running your MacBook on older software will drain its battery faster. To check if you need a software update:

How to update your software

  • Click on Apple icon at the top left of your screen
  • tap System settings
  • Click General
  • select Software update
  • If your device is eligible for updates, click Install now

Always make sure Back up your computer. Before you update your software.

10. Check the health of your battery.

If you’ve taken all of the steps above, and you’re still finding that your battery is draining quickly, it could be that your battery’s overall health is deteriorating. To check your battery health:

How to Check Your Battery Health

  • Click on Apple icon at the top left of your screen
  • tap System settings
  • Click Battery
  • If your battery health says normal, then you are good to go. If it says something else. Service recommended., then it may be time to replace your battery. You will also be able to see your maximum charging capacity.

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11. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you don’t need them. They use energy even when they are not being used. However, keep in mind that you may also lose functionality such as Internet access, file sharing, wireless printing, wireless mouse and keyboard controls, and synchronization with other devices. You should consider your needs and preferences before turning them off.

How to turn off bluetooth

  • Click on Apple icon at the top left of your screen
  • tap System settings
  • Then click. Bluetooth In the sidebar, and turn on Bluetooth. Close on the right

How to turn off Wi-Fi

  • Click on Apple icon at the top left of your screen
  • tap System settings
  • Then click. Network in Sidebar
  • select Wi-Fi In the list on the right, turn on Wi-Fi. Close

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Bonus: Change your battery.

If you find that your computer cannot operate for any length of time without a charger, replace the battery. Bring it to an Apple Store, or save a few dollars by looking up your computer model and ordering a replacement yourself to take to a local repair shop.

How to Find Your Mac’s Model Number

  • From Apple menu In the upper-right corner of your screen, select About this Mac
  • Then find the serial number in the information displayed.
  • You can also click on System report or More information button to view more details, including the model name and model identifier, depending on your model

Kurt’s key points

If you want to avoid those dreaded moments when your MacBook battery dies unexpectedly, these tips are here to save the day. By following these simple steps, such as properly shutting down your computer, adjusting battery settings and managing brightness, you can significantly extend your MacBook’s battery life.

Don’t forget to use features like low power mode, close energy-draining apps, and quit unnecessary to maximize performance. It’s also important to keep your software up to date and unplug external accessories when not in use.

And if all else fails, it’s possible to assess the health of your battery and consider alternatives. By keeping these top 11 tips in mind, you can confidently use your MacBook all day long without worrying about battery issues.

Should Mac users be responsible for making sure their batteries last? What more can Apple do to help? Tell us by writing to us

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