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‘Wild ride’ at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park when guests discover extra roller coaster passenger

A happy duck got the ride of a lifetime on Cedar Point’s famous Millennium Force roller coaster this week in Ohio.

The park in Sandusky, Ohio, believes the duck crashed into the coaster after it was already in motion.

“It appears the duck may have flown into the passenger vehicle at some point while it was operating,” Cedar Point spokesman Tony Clark shared with Fox News Digital via email.

Instead of waiting for park maintenance staff to remove the waterfowl, a guest took matters into her own hands and took it off the coaster herself.

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The duck, seen here between seats on the Millennium Force roller coaster, appears to have ridden the coaster mid-action. (Aiden Kearns)

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“This particular guest chose to take the duck with him immediately,” Clark added.

Roller Coaster Duck

The duck was quickly removed from the Millennium Force roller coaster by a brave park visitor. (Aiden Kearns)

A park maintenance crew tries to remove a duck from the Millennium Force roller coaster at Cedar Park in Sandusky, Ohio. (Aiden Kearns)

Cedar Point called it, “a wild ride, really.”

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Amusement Today presented Millennium Force with a speed of 93 mph, their most prestigious “Golden Ticket Award” for Best Steel Coaster in 2019.

Source by [Fox News]



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