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Wildfires in Rhodes force hundreds of holidaymakers to flee their hotels. World news

A wildfire on the Greek island of Rhodes has forced hundreds of holidaymakers to flee their hotels.

The images show the sky over the island filled with smoke, with the orange hue of the flames clearly visible.

Four sites have been evacuated, including two marine resorts.

Users on social media have been describing the scene, with Paul Carlbergi writing on Twitter: “Currently trapped in #Rhodes fled the wildfire on foot – left everything in the hotel and fled with towels over our faces.

“My youngest told me he didn’t want to die. There’s been no word from the authorities. It’s a terrible situation here.”

According to local media reports, the flames have reached three hotels, which have been evacuated.

Fire service spokesman Yannis Artopios said more than 200 firefighters and 40 fire engines were on the ground, supported by three planes and five helicopters.

The force includes 31 firefighters from Slovakia, including five fire engines.

Three coast guard ships, and one military, were evacuating people from two beaches. Twenty private boats were assisting and the Greek Navy was sending one ship.

Forest fires have been raging in Greece for several days. Heat wave Continued throughout southern Europe.

David Woodhouse, another tourist, said the fire was spreading and smoke was covering most of the island.

James Hall asked on social media: “@easyJet mind giving us some advice? We have a plane to catch at 11 and it looks like our hotel is on fire.”

Freelance TV producer Daphne Tolles said: “More than 1,000 people have been evacuated by sea on #Rhodes so far as #forestfires continue to burn. Coastguard has ordered nearby yachts and private boats to assist with sea evacuation efforts.”

Source by [Sky News]



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